COVID Preventative measures

As part of our continued focus on preventative measures we ensure that safe practices are followed.  We also santise all surfaces, toys and rooms throughout the school day.



Our Health and Safety Team does regular checks to ensure we follow all relevant safety practices and procedures for Preschool. Boecker, an international health services company, audits us on a regular basis. We are very proud to confirm that we are CERTIFIED!

Additional Safety Measures

  • We help our Jewels to learn, explore, and develop social skills in a stimulating safe environment
  • Our building has an electronic alarm system that is linked to a network of smoke detectors
  • Fire extinguishers are installed in the right places and there are several exits
  • Our emergency evacuation plan is displayed, practiced and evaluated on a regular basis
  • Our dedicated Nurse is on duty every day to take care of all medical needs and requirements
  • There are several surveillance cameras that are located in all classrooms, entrances, and playing areas, which are all controlled and monitored by the Administration Team
  • Drop-off and pick-up times are strictly supervised