The Preschool program Sapphires “The Blue Jewels Class”

  • The Kids Castle Nursery and Preschool offer students a safe, fun, and nurturing way to get ready for kindergarten
  • Our hybrid curriculum is rich in both a “child-centered philosophy” and an “academic philosophy”.
  • A hybrid curriculum approach allows for both abstract and concrete learning in which 80% of class room time is spent on child-centered learning activities and 20% academic learning activities.
  • A child-centered approach allows children to explore and learn through play while an academic approach prepares them for the rigors of a formal classroom.
  • In a child-centered learning environment, the teacher acts as a facilitator and the learning process if lead by the child’s ability and needs while focusing on areas such as cooperative play, self-discipline and creativity.
  • The academic approach is more traditional and provides concrete learning where the teacher leads the class in activities such as circle time, story time writing, reading, math and science.