Indoor Play:

We provide a variety of age-appropriate toys for indoor play. Toys may be rotated or placed temporarily out of use so that the children do not become bored. Younger children have less-developed organizational skills and can get easily frustrated or upset when there are too many toys to choose from. It is also more difficult for them to help with clean up when there are toys everywhere, because it is so overwhelming to them. For this reason, during free play times, each child may select one or two things at a time to play with. They will be shown how to put those things away before selecting something else.

Outdoor Play:

We will be playing outdoors every day that weather permits. Please make sure that your child is appropriately dressed for outdoor play at all times. Our activities will include walks, playground, water play (sprinkler in summer), and others. We do not go outside during extreme weather and temperature conditions. Extreme temperature is above 37°C and below 10°C. All children are excluded from outdoor activities during dust storms.

Parents will receive extreme weather advisory notices that prevent children from participating outdoor activities for the day. Otherwise, children are encouraged to participate for a limited time during relatively hot/cold days. Parents who feel that their child is not well enough to participate in outdoor activities must keep them out of daycare until they are able to participate in all activities.