The setting at The Kids Castle promotes and supports healthy eating habits. Snack and lunchtime is also a way in which to enhance peer to peer social skills and independence. We encourage parents/caregivers to provide nutritious foods to meet their child’s individual dietary requirements. Our facility is equipped to accommodate storage and preparation of hot snacks and lunch.


  1. During the interview process, our team will collect information from parents/caregivers in regard to their child’s dietary needs including any allergies. This information is signed by the parent/caregiver signifying its correctness and kept in the child’s record.
  2. Although considered a health snack in many cultures, foods containing nuts or nut products are not allowed.
  3. In an effort to protect children from food allergies, children are not allowed to share or exchange food with one another.
  4. We require staff to show sensitivity in providing for children’s diets and allergies. Our staff does not used a child’s diet or allergy to label a child or make a child feel singled out because of his/her diet or allergy.
  5. We display current information about individual children’s dietary needs so that all staff and volunteers are fully informed. We have a color-coded system in place to highlight those children with specific dietary needs.
  6. We do not encourage parents to provide sweets such as candies, cookies wafers or crisps such as potato chips for snack or lunch. If provided, they will be stored away from reach until it is time to return home.
  7. We use snack and lunchtime to help children to develop independence through making choices by serving food/drinks and feeding themselves.
  8. Parents/caregiver should provide utensils that are age appropriate.
  9. Our staff takes into account the eating practices of various cultures.
  10. We keep a limited supply of fresh fruit, vegetables and infant formula in cases where food has been forgotten or used in its entirety.
  11. We have fresh water available for children to help themselves throughout the day.
  12. We do not allow sodas or fizzy drinks to be consumed. These types of drinks will be collected and given back to parents/caregiver with an explanation.
  13. We have both predetermined snack/lunchtimes and rolling snack times. Regardless of predetermined feeding times, children are feed when they indicate they are ready to eat.