For the safety and well being of everyone, there are certain rules that all children will be taught and expected to follow. Please support us in the enforcement of these rules, in order to create a better environment for all. There will be no running permitted in the center. Hitting, pushing, biting, grabbing, kicking, spitting, or pinching other children/infants/adults will NOT be tolerated or allowed. No standing or climbing on chairs or tables. There will be no use of obscene, derogatory or disrespectful language or gestures of any kind. Children may not walk around the center with food, cups or bottles. Respectful treatment of other people and all property, toys, and furniture is expected. Willful destruction of property will be charged to the parent at the cost to replace the item.

We realize there are many factors that may affect your child’s behavior. Most importantly, we stand firm in our commitment to work as a partner in preparing your child for his/her academic future. The following Class Rules will be reviewed with the children at the beginning of class daily:

  1. We keep our hands to ourselves.
  2. We keep our feet on the floor.
  3. We are quiet when the teacher is speaking.
  4. We will raise our hand to speak.
  5. We sit down in our seat.
  6. We walk in class.
  7. We say “please” and “thank you.”
  8. We laugh together; not at each other.
  9. We always do our best.

Please keep in mind that there WILL be disagreements between children. Young children have a hard time expressing their feelings. Sometimes they will act out their frustration by hitting, throwing toys, biting, etc. We will try to prevent problems, redirect when appropriate, discuss inappropriate behavior, encourage making amends when offense involves another person, and sometimes withdraw privileges based on the principle of “natural consequences”. An example might be where a child is misusing a toy then he/she will not be allowed to play with the toy for a period of time. The use of time outs will be rare except when a brief cooling off period is needed. Sometimes when children are fighting or throwing toys, we will put the toy in a short time out, and then bring it back into circulation a little later. This seems to work better than giving the child a time out. 

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will there be any spanking, physical abuse, verbal abuse, name calling or isolation used. Neither food nor sleep will ever be withheld from children as a means of punishment. If a discipline problem arises that does not respond to the above-mentioned techniques, we will hold a conference with the parents. Together, we will try to find a solution. You may be called to remove your child if his/her behavior prevents us from being able to properly care for the other children. If the problem continues, other arrangements for the care of the child will have to be made, for the safety and wellbeing of all.